Conditions of use

      In order to protect the contents from this site and the work of our team, we made safe it by system of payment in order to preserve a maximum of confidentiality at it. The team of Refcode Productions declines any responsibility for fraudulent use of the contents placed at the disposal of the Net surfers. She will not be to in no case held for person in charge of the use of each one of these discoveries. Whatever is the reason.

      Therefore we ask the users to respect the ethical code and the values morals.

      By downloading the contents proposed you commit yourselves not revealing the documents thus tapped by the means of an unspecified network, to keep them with fine personnel and to in no case with a lucrative goal. This goes from there from survives of this information.

      MThanks you to respect and hold rigor of these conditions of use of our services. To profit from our support under best the conditions.

For any complaint of confidential code apply to :

(Your request can be treated within a relatively long time with the sight of the many requests which we receive each days. Noncontractual photographs of the site). Thank you for your comprehension.

The team Refcode Productions



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