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Links of our partners having allowed us to prepare our research and to present our work to you… Let us thank these free plays,

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Ogame :

Description : Ogame is an online game of management of space empires which counts more than two million players of all countries distributed on the various waiters of the various languages. In this play, the goal is to develop its planet, its fleet, to provide for the attacks, to react vis-a-vis the adversity and to conquer new planets in order to extend. Play of conquest, Ogame calls also upon qualities of reflections and strategies.

Builandfight :

Description :
Builandfight is a free online game multijouor. It is a play of management and strategy! Graphics are of a beautiful realization. In this play, you will have to manage an army by involving soldiers, by créeant military bases, ships, vehicles, planes, etc the goal is to form an army capable of a good offensive in order to leave victorious the engagements! Builandfight is a play which take into account the fluctuation in prices via the raw materials. That requires good capacitée to trade and develop its market.

Travian :

Description :
Travian is an online game massively multi-player of warlike strategy and economic management. The ludic universe is of Gallo-Roman inspiration (Romans, Gallic, German). Following the example of play Ogame, Travian was created in Germany by Gameforge AG. It from now on is managed, for the Italian and French waiters, by Travian Game GMBH. Travian is a strategy game warlike and of economic management being held in a Gallo-Roman and German universe. A player has the management of villages which it must develop. It is possible for him to create an army with an aim of conquering territories, of protecting and of extending its power. Various elements of interactions with the other players are placed at the disposal, like a market and alliances allow the team game.

Prizee :

Description :
Prizee is a French web site of the category “preceded Online games” (i.e. plays in flash paying of the gifts). Prizee proposes to its visitors to gain of Bubz, and Diamonds, the virtual currencies, while playing on line with plays flash, then to exchange this currency against gifts, accounts - checks or against parts of other plays. Each visitor can play once free each play per day, and can buy other parts by buying Pack + via a platform of microphone-payment. Prizee also proposes a monthly paying subscription, the Prizee Club, making it possible to play other plays, and bringing exclusive advantages such as a new currency, as well as an especially dedicated shop.

Dofus :

Description :
Dofus is a role-play massively multijouor developed and published by Ankama Games. In a medieval-fantastic universe, the objective presented is to find invaluable Dofus, of eggs of dragon to the magic powers. Dofus is a role-play, the player incarnates one or more characters. One finds there a multiplicity of weapons and of equipment in any kind, about twenty trades different and more than hundred monsters divided into various zones on the 10,000 levels from play (portions of chart, on which one moves besides as on a chart) forming the universe of Dofus. The commercial exchanges in the play are regulated with the currency of Dofus, Kama.



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